About Us


Our love for weddings and to create weddings, come from the special emotions we feel and expressions it allows us to show. Expressing the unimaginable by creating outside the box and being able to be in the midst of all that beauty, everyday of our life. The connection and bond we form with each couple as we share this amazing once in a lifetime journey with them. The joy we feel in creating a special day in someone’s life. Tears of joy flow the moment a bride walks down the aisle, you remember the walk you took with each couple that led to that moment, everything it took to plan that perfect day. From the curiosity you felt when meeting them to hear their romantic story, to the knowledge and logic it took to turn their vision and dream into a reality. Feeling creative yet matter-of-factly when conceptualizing the styling of each wedding, to feeling the romance and charm on their special day you helped created when they say, “I do”.

Who are we? We are hopeless romantics, here to create a one of a kind, successful and stress free wedding specially designed for you.

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We believe in each person’s individuality. Follow your own style and use the things that make you who you are. Never forget who you are and what you love. This is your day, your turn. It is all about you as a couple, what you want, what you wish for, for your special day. We believe in combining our industry knowledge with the latest industry trends and your personal style, to create a tailored chic affair just for you – chic meaning stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind.

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We all know planning a wedding can be stressful. As your wedding planner, we will take control of all the nitty-gritty behind the scenes scenarios that may or may not occur during the planning of this magical day. All we expect from you is to sit back and relax during this very exciting build up to one of the most memorable days of your life.

We will handle everything from planning and sourcing the best service providers and quality products for your wish list – the list that was created when you played dress up bride when you were only 5 years old – to the head scratching and time consuming logistics and schedules. When conceptualising the styling of your wedding, we work closely with each bridal couple, paying close attention to your style and all your dreams and expectations for your big day. We value each bridal couples wedding, by delivering a service that is professional and we will provide expert advice and knowledge where necessary to save money, in order for you to have a stress free and successful wedding day. Expect to be left with the highest standards, even to the finest details.

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Having an overflow of creativity and being blessed with multiple talents, Heavenly Love created a “ONE STOP SHOP”. Offering our bridal couples a vast variety of wedding services. Our services cover many facets of a wedding and all of these services are done in-house by Heavenly Love. This makes it easier for you as the client, by dealing with less service providers, allowing you to have easier access and control over the whole planning process. Heavenly Love created various packages, depending on where you are with your planning there is a package created just for you. We also offer all of our services individually, should you only require certain services. Because your wedding is as important to us as it is to you, we will customise any package according to your needs and requirements, we believe each couple deserves their dream to become a reality.


At Heavenly Love we only make use of the best quality products and items and the best service providers in order to plan a successful and stress free wedding for our couples. Heavenly Love has built multiple relationships with only the best suppliers in the industry; therefore we will always measure quality with quantity in order to deliver a quality service to all of our clients.